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Falko is an established asset management company actively engaged in all aspects of commercial aircraft leasing, financing and management with particular focus on the regional aircraft market.

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ATR 72-600 Simulator

Operational Summer 2020

At Falko we realise that the single largest challenge facing airlines is employment, retention and training of pilots. Simulator capacity for regional aircraft, in particular, is scarce and often in locations that are inconvenient for regional airlines. With a general worldwide shortage of ATR simulator capacity, Falko has purchased an ATR 72-600 simulator to enable our customers easier access to train their crews and provide additional training capacity for the ATR72-600 operators market.

Conveniently based in Dublin, our new ATR72-600 simulator will be operational in summer 2020 and available for direct bookings from our website. In the meantime, if you would like to discuss slot availability please contact us now.